Ikea’s lovely Lego-like furniture is DIY for dummies

By Kitty Knowles 13 March 2017

Ikea: Zero screws needed.

There’s a new joint in town – and it’s going to change your life.

Ikea’s sexy new ‘wedge dowel’ lets you simply slot pieces into place.

No hammering, no nuts, no bolts – and no panic when you mysteriously find yourself with half a dozen silver devils left over.

DIY dummies everywhere can finally put the Allen Key down.

Built in 180 seconds

In a bid to keep your blood from boiling, Ikea’s new technique means you should now be able to build a table in under three minutes.

Ribbed wood, and a few plastic widgets, go a long way, not only in time-saving, but money-saving too (all this time, those annoying metal doo-dahs have been making your furniture more expensive).

We also love that Ikea’s Lego-like method means you can deconstruct and rebuild your bed time and time again – perfect for people who tend to flit from home to home. (Pivot!!!)

The future of flat-pack?

While most hapless Brits will love the ‘wedge dowel’, the future of flatpack still needs refinement.

Ikea says it will need more time to apply it to more complex structures like drawers or wardrobes, and currently the ‘wedge dowel’ is only available in its Regissor and Lisabo design ranges.

Today, the childsplay construction kit may have true carpenters shaking their heads.

But we DIY dummies cannot wait to put the tool kit down.

Watch Ikea experts demonstrate the sexy ‘wedge dowel’ in action…