‘Palm pay’ at the till is magic

By Kitty Knowles 10 March 2017

The ultimate hand job?

Bank cards and mobile pay are sooo last year.

‘Palm pay’ makes fingerprint payments look dated.

Developed in Chicago, the new Keyo system lets you pay for your coffee by simply waving your hands over a scanner.

Want to feel like Derren Brown?

How ‘Palm Pay’ works

You cant just walk into a shop and expect to wave your hands about.

First, to use Keyo, you need to create an online ID.

You then need to physically get down to a shop with one of their scanners in, where you can enter your ID and record your ‘palm print’.

The scanning process is similar to finger payment systems (like Fingopay), where a bright light is used to capture the unique blood vessel patterns in your palms.

You can then upload cards to your account (where you can also view purchases, manage your money and receive rewards).

Then you are good to go.

The risks?

Co-founded by husband and wife duo Jaxon Klein and Cayetana Polanco, along with friend Delna Sepoy Straus, palm pay is not without its risks.

Just last week, at MWC in Barcelona, NCC Group security expert Matt Lewis showed us just how fingerprint scanners are easily fooled – with stolen data and basic PVA glue.

“It’s just a thin veneer, if you place this over a live finger the ‘liveness’ of the finger and its pulse will come through,” said Lewis.

“We’ve looked at all the latest fingerprint scanners, and this technique works every time.”

But it’s hoped that ‘Palm Pay’ reduces these problems:

  1. Because its requires more personal data than a single finger (which makes it harder to steal).
  2. Because its used in physical shops, where (we hope) it would be more difficult to use a fake hand mould.

The readers have actually been made using hardware from Fujitsu – the basis of biometric vein technology for ATMs in Japan for several years now.

According to Chicago Inno, the system is today being trialled in Chicago and will soon be located in 30 shops.

“We really see a future without keys, cards, wallets, IDs and tickets,” said Klein.

Finance in the palm of your hands.

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