Wannabe a Dancing Queen? Rhythm smart shoes teach you new moves

By Kitty Knowles 10 March 2017

Young and sweet... and internet-connected.

Got ‘two left feet’? There’s a smart shoe for that.

If you’re more Mr Bean than Baby, you’ll be pleased to hear that the ‘internet of things’ can help.

Rhythm shoes don’t just help you feel the beat, but their accompanying app acts as your personal dance instructor.

How do Rhythm Shoes work?

These internet-connected trainers vibrate to teach the wearer when to move, while a companion app can also be used to deliver visual dance lessons.

The shoes use Bluetooth technology to sync to your smartphone, and measure your movements with an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer, as well as pressure sensors.

If you’re consistently missing the beat, the app will alert you to how you can improve.

You can track your progress over time, follow weekly charts of how many shapes you’ve thrown, as well as monitoring stats like ‘time spent dancing’ and ‘total calories burned’. While those who need a little extra motivation can also count their points and badges earned.

“Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and flex the mental muscles – but for a long time, many people saw learning to dance as a costly and complicated process,” says Rhythm founder Cesar Gutierrez.

“Our rhythm shows make it easy for dance enthusiasts to break the curse of ‘two left feet’ and learn how to dance in a range of styles, from slinky jazz to the majestic waltz, via hip-hop and the salsa.”

Not just for solo salsa

Rhythm also gives you the option of opening up to the dancing community.

“Using the rhythm app, you can set up your profile to find new dance partners, share your progress or challenge your friends. We’re even introducing a visual learning element, with live rhythm classes in major cities, where our users can perfect their technique and meet other dancers in their area,” Gutierrez said.

Rhythm has this week announced a crowdfunding bid on Indiegogo, with early bird offers starting at £123.

Got a wedding coming up? Why not steal a cheeky samba practice in your lunch break. You could be a Dancing Queen in no time.

Watch the Rhythm shoes campaign video below…