Crufts 2017: All the gadgets for tech-savvy dogs on show

By Oliver Smith 10 March 2017

It's not just people hungry for new technology, animal's are getting in on the action too.

It’s that time of the year again as the world’s largest dog show, Crufts, invades Birmingham this week.

This year there are two high-tech doggie gadgets are on display, taking man’s best friend far into the future.

And it’s not the first time pets and tech have come together, last year at Crufts we met the first auto-inflating life jacket for muts and a Fitbit for dogs, and just this week there was a travelating dog toilet of the future that impressed us.

Here are two gadgets on show at Crufts 2017 this week that caught our eye:

A super-smart collar

The awkwardly named Felcana is more than just a fitness tracker for dogs.

While the market for basic pedometers for animals is expected to explode in 2017, Felcana has gone one step further by tracking exactly where your pup is moving around the house.

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Using a suite of bluetooth beacons than can be placed around your house, along with their smart Helix collar, now you know when Barney has been to his bowl for dinner or how long he’s spent snoozing in the dog bed.

And more than just a lifestyle improvement, Felcana’s creators believe the information they’re gathering about our pets could lead to huge breakthroughs in veterinary medicine.

“Data is vital to further progressing veterinary medicine and with Felcana we can build a clinically useful database,” said Felcana’s inventor Dr James Andrews.

“This will be key in veterinary research… until now, veterinary medicine has been over a decade behind that for humans – we’re changing this by gathering real-time data from the source.”

Felcana raised £26,000 on Kickstarter last year and is aiming to deliver the first devices to backers in August 2017.

Contactless dogs

Being re-launched at Crufts this week are the famous ‘tap dogs’ from animal charity Blue Cross.

After a successful stint in 2017, these 20 dogs will start patrolling events, conferences and high streets to raise money for homeless or sick pets.

Wearing their dashing blue contactless jackets the dogs invite anyone to simply tap their bank card against them to make a £2 donation to Blue Cross.

These pups are doing their very best to help their peers in need.

Tap Dogs, you inspire us.

Now back to the show: