BrilliantPad is the travelating dog toilet of the future

By Kitty Knowles 9 March 2017

Feeling lazy? This 'self-cleaning' smart pad rolls your pup's poop out of sight.

Who let the dogs out? Not you, you, you.

Soon, with BrilliantPad, your canine could be pooping freely indoors – no need to leave the apartment.

Described as the ‘automatic self-cleaning potty system for dogs’, this is a low-level platform that simply rolls your puppy’s ‘presents’ away.

Sound lazy? Like a smart home disaster waiting to happen?

Not to the hundreds of backers who’ve pledged nearly £30,000 in a matter of days it doesn’t.


First little Barnie simply hops on to the 24inch x 23inch pad to do his business.

Then, the device will activate automatically at the times you have set (a smart weight sensor will override this if the pad is in use) – or you can kickstart clean-up manually at any time.

Once activated, the pad winds away the dirty sheet into a sealed roll at one end (it claims to do this with ‘whisper-quiet’ efficiency, completely ‘locking away odour’).

The fresh launchpad is finally ready for lift off (or touch down, more accurately) once more.

You only have to change each used eco-friendly roll every few weeks.


The BrilliantPad team say the device is great for those who work long hours, leaving their dog stuck indoors (although we think in this case, you probably shouldn’t have a dog).

We can, however, see why responsible pet owners could find it useful – when they are experiencing the pains of toilet training, when they are cooped up by extreme weather conditions, or when either pet or owner is too sick to move far.

The pad will also undoubtedly be a hit with lazy folks living in high-rise apartments – we hope you still take your pup out for walkies, but you won’t have to take the long, windy, stairwell just for toilet time.

Convenience comes at a price though, and if you wait until it hits the shops, the BrilliantPad will set you back around £160 (early birds on Indiegogo can get 50% off).

Replacement rolls (equal to 27 pads) work out to less than 80p per pad.

The dog toilet of the future?

Let’s be honest, no one likes picking up after their pooch. We humans have pooped indoors for centuries, and now your dog can too.

“As pet parents ourselves, we feel the strong, emotional bond we have with animals, and how the special relationship with dogs can be hindered by the unpleasant nature of cleaning up after them,” said CEO Alan J. Cook of the device.

“We’ve developed a patent-pending design that ensures no mess comes between you and your dog, so more pet households can enjoy a cleaner home and happier pups.” 

What’s not to like about a cleaner home and a happier pup?

Sorry, Baha Men. No one’s just ‘letting the dogs out’ anymore.