Nightset: How one banker built a career as a professional party animal

By Kitty Knowles 8 March 2017

How you REALLY get onto 'Forbes 30 under 30'.

Are you crunching numbers, but dreaming of hitting the club? You could turn your passion into a profession…

That’s what Anna Frankowska, a former RBS banking analyst did in founding Nightset.

This year she even ended up on ‘Forbes 30 under 30‘ list of tech leaders as a result.

Meet Anna Frankowska

“My career in banking meant that I worked very hard in the day,” Frankowska told The Memo. “At the end of the week, I was always dying to party.”

Being in London also meant the UCL graduate always had new venues to explore.

“It really was the old adage of ‘work hard, play harder’,” she says.

Sensibly, the entrepreneur decided not to burn the candle at both ends: she saved up for a year before taking the plunge, and fully committing to building her own business.

Little could she have predicted how successful this would become.

Building Nightset

After quitting her job in April 2015, the entrepreneur went ‘undercover’ for six months as a club promoter.

“It was the perfect mix of doing what I love and helping build my business idea at the same time,” she recalls.

Going clubbing helped her identify the specific pain points she wanted her party app (then called Party Hype) to address:

“How many times have you found yourself in the situation where you did not know where to go out on a night out, but you had that burning desire to party and meet like-minded people?” she asks. 

“I imagined a world where the party never ends, that brings together people looking for extraordinary experiences.”

How Nightset works

Rather than relying on old or misleading reviews, Anna Frankowska designed the Nightset marketplace to literally show you what’s happening near you.

“It connects people with the party in a real time,” Frankowska explains.

If you have the app on your smartphone you can use the app’s live feed to look into venues.

“You can immediately see the cool places that people are at – right here, right now,” says Frankowska.

“No cheesy, perfect photographs of empty venues – we show real pictures and video of what’s happening from the people in the club.”

The full package

Frankowska also ensured that her app closes the circle – if there’s an event you fancy, you can buy tickets, or get on the guest list seamlessly, she explains.

The app even helps you enjoy the club when you’re inside:

“You can connect up with people in the club through our ‘Play’ feature which shows you who is single (or not)”

“You can upload your own images and video from in the club and contribute to the live feed. It’s really that easy.”

The app is currently in beta in London, and although Frankowska couldn’t share numbers she assured us that progress us good.

“Our users return and keep returning which is far more important when building a quality, scalable business,” she explained.

Indeed the brand is backed up by several high-profile investors, including a member of the Bacardi family.

“Nightset is much more than just an app or brand – we see ourselves as a movement. A way of life,” Frankowska says.

“Our mission is to inspire the world to live for every moment.  To give every second a chance to be unforgettable… To grow to become the biggest nightlife brand on the planet. Anything else is will just not be enough.”

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