See Britain’s top female bosses, mapped

By Kitty Knowles 7 March 2017

Inspiring women are bossing it at business across Britain. Find one near you.

Think women can’t boss it at business? You’re wrong.

Last year companies with female leaders clocked up £15bn of sales in Britain, a new report from Founders4Schools has found.

What’s more, these female-led businesses added over £3bn to the UK’s economy in 2016, investor Sherry Coutu CBE revealed today.

This new data shines a light on the realities of big business in Britain – only including active, growing, UK registered companies that make more than £1m in revenues were included in the study. Small potatoes this is not.

Inspiration, mapped

In 2017 women are building up sectors like events, IT, computer software, insurance, recruitment and healthcare, the report states.

And they’re not always doing it where you’d expect:

66% of female-led businesses are headquartered outside London, the study suggests.

Now you can use the Founders4Schools Inspiring Women website to find fantastic female leaders near you.

Plotting business pioneers

This not only lists Britain’s top female-led businesses by local area, but plots each company on a map – with links out to further company information.

In Glasgow City, 18 women are leading growing businesses, for example.

Two of these are growing by more than 150%, and if you click a red icon you can see who’s at the top.

Like Vicky Brock, founder and CEO at Clear Returns – the award-winning, retail tech firm.

Local leaders

In Leeds (home to 22 top female-led businesses) Fight For Fashion MD Abby Williams is leading the way with better than 150% growth, Inspiring Women shows.

In the City of Bristol (home to 11 top female-led businesses), the likes of Jaya Chakrabarti MBE, CEO and founder at Nameless Media Group, and Nicky Cotter, co-founder at Icon Corporate Finance, are truly bossing at companies with better than 100% growth.

You can even check out what percent of companies near you have women at the helm (London’s Lewisham is listed as 100% female-led, as the sole business listed as having more than 1m revenue is Whitescape Ventures – founded by Victoria Haynes).

Putting female leaders on the map

We’ve loved looking up which women are heading up businesses in our home boroughs (Alex Ford, the CEO of Pancreatic Cancer UK, in Lambeth, I’m looking at you).

So why not do your own search, and share and shout about the success stories you find?

Let’s all help put female success well and truly on the map.