Citizen ‘Job Spotter’ app hits Britain – after runaway stateside success

By Kitty Knowles 3 March 2017

See a ‘Waitress wanted’ sign? Snap it with your smartphone.

Love your local community?

The next time you spot a vacancy ad in your favourite shop, snap it with your smartphone.

You can now upload it to Job Spotter, the app that’s crowdsourcing neighbourhood vacancies (you’ll even earn Amazon vouchers as a result).

How does Job Spotter work?

Launched in the US and Australia last summer by job site Indeed, the app relies of a community of citizen ‘Job Spotters’.

When you take a photo of a ‘waitress wanted’ sign, this gets uploaded to the Indeed website, potentially putting it in front of thousands of eyeballs that may never have seen it otherwise.

At the other end those looking for local openings can simply type ‘Help Wanted’ to bring up Job Spotter results from businesses near to them.

The app has gone down a storm in the States with more than 800,000 jobs ads already shared.

Why crowdsource job ads?

Today most people hunting for jobs will start by scouring the internet. But in Britain, hundreds of thousands of jobs are still only advertised in windows, says Indeed.

Many small stores, bars or restaurants rely on tightly staffed teams, and can really suffer when they are an employee down.

With Job Spotter you can support your favourite indie store, by helping them hire local staff swiftly, no fuss needed.

What’s in it for you?

Yes you get that fuzzy warm feeling of being the neighbourhood do-gooder, but you can also earn Amazon gift card rewards for your efforts.

Some people have been earning the equivalent of thousands of dollars a month through ‘Job Spotting’, Indeed claims. (We’re not sure how much time you’d have to dedicate to pounding the pavement to achieve this, however).

“The ‘help wanted’ sign has long been a staple of high street windows… but our high streets are changing, and those signs aren’t as effective as they used to be,” said Chris Hyams, President at Indeed.

“Job Spotter can help bring job search into the 21st century.”

If you love your local pub, or want to keep your favourite Italian in business, why not get the app?

Citizen Job Spotter to the rescue!