Crafted By The Heart: This 3D-printed jewellery captures your heartbeat

By Kitty Knowles 2 March 2017

We can't think of a more intimate gift.

Personalised jewellery is the best – and there’s little in life more personal than a heartbeat.

Today Crafted By The Heart can capture your pulse, and turn it into a beautiful ring that’s unique to you.

If you’re feeling amorous, you can even record your romantic rhythms and have them turned into an intimate gift for your lover.

A spiked 'Surge' style ring. Pic: Crafted By My Heart.
A spiked 'Surge' style ring. Pic: Crafted By My Heart.

How to make heartbeat jewellery

Although Crafted By The Heart is based in Hong Kong, anyone can use their customisation app to commission pieces.

First you select between two aesthetic style shapes (one that presents your heartbeat in pointed spikes, and another that interpret it in more organic crystalline shapes).

Then, to record your heartbeat, you place your finger across your smartphone light and camera (and hold). This allows your camera to record the micro-changes in the colour of your finger (as your blood pulses through it) – a bit like a doctor’s electrocardiogram (ECG).

Finally you choose your finish, be that gold, silver or black gun metal (all rings have a sterling silver base), enter your ring size, and order.

You can expect your 3D-printed ring to be delivered from Shenzhen workshop in around 21 working days.

Prices start at around £125 (1,198 HKD) and go up to £167 (1,588 HKD). Not bad for bespoke jewellery.

Andreas Krasser and Manolis Perrakis, Crafted By My Heart.
Andreas Krasser and Manolis Perrakis, Crafted By My Heart.

A wider trend

Founded by DDB Hong Kong ad agency employees Andreas Krasser and Manolis Perrakis, Crafted By The Heart actually started as a campaign idea, but has proved so popular they’re now running it as a legitimate side-business.

The company made back 30% of its initial investment within four months of launch, and the orders are flowing in (with a surprisingly large number of orders from Mexico and Spain).

We’re not surprised that business is taking off. Not only is personalisation the future of retail, but 3D-printing is already able to make it a reality.

In Britain, 3D-printed jewellery companies like WonderLuk wear this mantra on their sleeve, but there are many others (like Banneya) who try to keep their 3D-printing processes under wraps.

In any case, this innovate new company has won our heart: we hope it’s won yours too.

Watch Crafted By The Heart’s explainer video below…