Welcome to Future Finance month

By Adam Westbrook 1 March 2017

This month we make it rain.

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life” quipped the poet Oscar Wilde, “now that I’m old, I know it is.”

Each month here at The Memo we explore in depth how technology is changing a particular part of our lives. Last month we gave you a glimpse at the future of love (you can read all our coverage here).

This month, it’s all about cold hard cash.

Future finance

Throughout March we’ll be answering the most important questions about the future of money, including if it even has a future. It’s a topic few want to talk about, but tech might actually be killing capitalism, something we’ll look at in detail later this month.

We’ll be exploring ways technology is changing the way we earn, save, invest and spend. With interest rates refusing to go up, startups and banks are trying to get you to invest in the stock market instead. But is that a good idea or a risky bet?

You can also expect the return of our Great British Mobile Banking App review, in-depth features on the future of banking and the chance to see how to the best leaders in the field get it all done in our weekly Boss it Like series.

Plus, the chancellor Phillip Hammond will announce the spring budget. We’ll be analysing it for its impact on businesses both big and small.

Unbelievably, it’s nearly a decade since the last crash and economists don’t think growth will pick up for some time yet. Millennials are expected to be the first generation to earn less than their parents. Austerity continues to bite but somehow our debts get bigger.

It’s time to ask the tough question: is technology really making us richer or just smoke-screening our perpetual decline with shiny smartphones?

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