Money Maker Episode 3: Investing Goes Mainstream

By Adam Westbrook 28 February 2017

It's not just for the mega rich

When you think of the world of investing in stocks and shares, you probably imagine scenes from films like The Wolf of Wall Street: the domain of the mega rich.

But that image is getting a facelift – thanks to technology.

This week UBS – one of the world’s largest and oldest private banks – unveils its new app, SmartWealth, which lets anyone with £15,000 or more invest in the stock market via their phone.

They’re the first major bank to launch a product like this, and join a host of smaller companies, such as Nutmeg, and Scalable who have been exploring the space over the last five years.

One company, Wealthify, wants to help anyone start investing with just £1.

So, is investing about to go mainstream?

In episode 3 of our Money Maker series, Ben Goldsmith finds out.

Expert commentary from EY

The Money Maker series is made possible by the kind support of EY, the leaders in tech law.

EY’s Tom Ball tells us about the new opportunities digital wealth management companies are creating.