Weather-controlled Instagram? The future of marketing is going global

By Alex Wood 23 February 2017

Let the sun shine.

Having a startup programme has become a must-have for every big company.

At first glance, matching small business filled smart ideas with big businesses seems like a win-win.

But do they actually work?

NextTECHnow, created by Publicis Media, one of the world’s largest advertising group, is setting the standard by creating some of the smartest new tricks in the business.

And it’s paying off.

The programme matches tech entrepreneurs with big brands and generated over a quarter of a million pounds of revenue last year.

Weather-controlled Instagram ads

The team behind NextTECHnow scout the best tech talent for innovative new ways of reaching customers for their clients.

One campaign we loved used weather-activated Instagram posts during the summer months to promote BBQs when the sun was out. The brand was able to make the campaign localised, responding to the weather outside and reached the most influential foodies on Instagram.

This clever use of technology delivered in a way that wouldn’t be possible with traditional advertising.

“Business transformation is no longer just about being digitally ready but ensuring that brands are testing the latest thinking and technology in real time…” said Jim Kite, NextTECHnow’s global lead.

Having successfully introduced 50 startup businesses to brands, the programme has now launched in Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and Warsaw. Later this year it will also expand across the United States, Europe and Australia.

Find out more about the NextTECHnow programme.