420 Friends – the dating app for cannabis lovers is just the beginning

By Kitty Knowles 22 February 2017

Airbnb for blazing & Tinder for tokers? The legal cannabis market is lighting up.

Today it’s not just troublesome teens who get high.

Smoking cannabis is increasingly socially acceptable, especially in the US where medical marijuana is now legal in 28 states.

And, as the West lights up, so too have promising new business opportunities.

420 Friends

Newly launched dating app, 420 Friends, is just one example of entrepreneurship in the field.

Named after the code-term for cannabis, this Tinder-style app is “for singles who smoke weed,” said co-founder Jason D this week.

It’s sensible really, as despite the changing times, there remain many people who are vehemently against drugs; using 420 Friends allows daters to match with people who won’t judge them for their lifestyle.

You can set up an profile, upload photos, info, chat in private message and even share moments (like on Facebook). And if you’re not comfortable ‘going public’ you can select settings to maintain your anonymity and keep pictures in a private album.

“While the app is open to people of all nationalities, we expect American nationals to adopt it faster,” says Jason.

“No stigma, no charge, only fun.”

Bud and Breakfast

Marijuana entrepreneurs are even hitting the travel market.

Founded in 2015, the website Bud and Breakfast essentially the Airbnb of ‘blazing’.

With hundreds of hotel, hostel and rental listings around the world, this now offers “the largest collection of marijuana-friendly hotels and other cannabis-friendly rentals anywhere on the web”.

“As more and more destinations legalize marijuana, many vacationers are on the look-out for marijuana-friendly accommodations, and are willing to pay for it,” writes founder and CEO Sean Roby on the Bud and Breakfast blog.

Beyond apps

Last year we even introduced you to Yoni Ofir, the founder of Leaf – a super smart mini fridge that assists medical marijuana users in growing their own weed.

A medical marijuana user himself, the self-proclaimed ‘Ganjapreneur’ created Leaf with convenience, money-saving, and even personalised taste, in mind.

Launching the business hasn’t been smooth sailing, but it’s been worth it, he told The Memo:

“Things like open marketing channels, banking, credit card processing, are not a given within the cannabis industry,” he explained.

“You need to be creative … I love the challenge.”

Business is lighting up

It’s understandable that some entrepreneurs and investors have reservations about the marijuana market – in many countries (including Britain), it’s still illegal smoke cannabis in any form.

But it’s also savvy to acknowledge the potential that lies in the drug, especially as it’s a market that is only likely to grow.

The budding cannabis business simply can’t be dismissed.

After all, there’s millions to make off those who partake…