Wireless electricity is nearly a reality, thanks to Disney

By Oliver Smith 21 February 2017

The media giant has some magic up its sleeve.

Wireless power has been the dream ever since electricity was invented.

Imagine simply carrying your iPhone into a room and have it magically start charging.

Now Disney Research, the entertainment giant’s research arm, has turned that dream into a reality.

They’ve developed a way of broadcasting energy in a room, to the point that you simply carry a device into the room and it’ll start charging.

Our wireless future

There are, of course, some downsides. Firstly the room itself must be specially constructed from aluminium sheets, probably not the easiest to paint or hang wallpaper from.

More worryingly for homeowners is the garish copper pipe running from ceiling to floor bang in the middle of the room, which you shouldn’t stand too close to or it could be hazardous.

Also if there are no devices in the room using the power being broadcast it can be pretty dangerous, and Disney hasn’t really said when, if ever, the technology might be ready for general use.

Still, thanks to Disney we’re closer than we’ve ever been to true wireless power, just as soon as they get rid of that damned pipe.

Take a look at the technology in action: