Dyson’s incredible ‘high velocity’ hairbrush is making waves

By Kitty Knowles 21 February 2017

Dyson's hairbrush of the future can dry and style without heat.

Dyson’s working on the hairbrush of the future – maybe.

The ingenious company, known for its vacuum cleaners, has filed a patent for a device that sucks the damp out of your hair while you brush.

It “can be used with or without a heater” to create a “drying effect” this states, all due to “the outflow of fluid at high velocity”.

The curling iron-like device could even be used to style your hair “into curls and waves”, no heat needed.

Wavy haired women rejoice!

Bastions of future beauty

The idea, filed with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office, follows the company’s first foray into beauty: its Supersonic hair dryer, also designed to dry your hair faster without heat.

It looks like it will feature rows of single and double brushes and tiny holes to stop it getting clogged up with hair product.

Clearly Dyson has its sights on being a beauty leader.

War of the bristles

The company will still have stiff competition, as other innovators are also already on a mission to create “smarter” hairbrushes.

L’Oreal, Kérastase and Withings, for example, unveiled ‘The Coachat CES last month, which sports sensors to record your brushing habits.

Due for release this autumn, its app is then directs you to the best Kérastase products to sort out your routine.

Dyson, however, has yet to formally announce information on it’s own high-velocity hairbrush.

Let the fight for your hair follicles begin.

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