Your next luxury Italian villa is on Airbnb

By Oliver Smith 17 February 2017
Photo from Luxury Retreats.

The budget getaway service is moving up in the world.

The world’s largest room-rental site is expanding. First Airbnb went from single rooms to renting whole houses, then more recently from homes to entire trip experiences.

Today Airbnb is tentatively taking its next step, this time into the world of luxury holidays.

As the name suggests Luxury Retreats is all about villas that cost thousands of pounds per night to rent and come with their own personal concierge on hand.

It’s a deal apparently worth $300m which will see thousands of villas, from sunny California to the islands of Maui, added to Airbnb over the next few months.

Airbnb boss Brian Chesky said the deal means travellers will soon be able to stay anywhere “from airbeds in an apartment to castles to villas.”

The affordable, luxury, future of travel

It’s not the only way Airbnb is looking to branch out, last month the company took a stake in restaurant reservation group Resy, signalling that this might be the next step for Airbnb.

Chesky told Leigh Gallagher in her book The Airbnb Story that his mission is to eventually offer every service that hotels currently do, but still at a fraction of the price.

Even its new luxury acquisition boasts that its Italian villas are price-matched against other listings to keep costs down.

The future of travel, budget or luxury, is more affordable than ever.