Dozens of smart cameras are about to invade our homes

By Oliver Smith 17 February 2017

Nest, Canary and Cocoon are quietly creeping into your home.

How many computer chips do you have at home?

Chances are there are dozens, if not hundreds, spread into everything from your TV remote to your slow-dimming light switch.

In the same way, over the next five years cameras and microphones will invade every corner of your life according to Colin Richardson, co-founder of home security group Cocoon.

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“The short answer is yes, over the next five years what we’ll see is an absolute skyrocketing number and amount of interest in these devices as they spread throughout our lives,” Richardson told The Memo.

“You’re looking at upwards of a dozen connected devices that have either a camera, microphone or method of interaction, your doorbell, your internal security camera, your TV.”

Indeed our smartphones, laptops and tablets have already normalised the idea of cameras in the home and now, as part of ‘smart home’ technology, devices like Cocoon, Canary and the Ring doorbell are merely spreading cameras to more corners of our lives.

These are all products that will help you to protect your home, keep your loved ones safe, and call for help in an emergency.


“I think the psychology around cameras is really changing,” says Richardson.

“It’s becoming a mass market industry and that’s been led by the likes of Dropcam, Nest and groups like Hive that are all putting smart devices in our homes, many of which have cameras and microphones.”

Indeed thousands of Cocoon home security devices have already been eagerly bought by homes across Britain, and the company is currently raising £2.5m via an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to expand its operations.

Much like how the shocking proliferation of CCTV cameras in the 1980s and 90s is now taken for granted, so too are home cameras becoming part of the furniture in many households.

Chances are there’ll soon be dozens, if not hundreds, of cameras in everything from your TV to your internet-connected doorbell.

Are you ready?