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Lenovo Yoga 910 – for the ultimate Netflix and chill

By Alex Wood 14 February 2017
Lenovo Yoga 910 has the best screen we've seen.

Bends over backwards to please.

The short of it

OK OK, so this laptop won’t help with you the “chill” bit – but it will give you the best Netflix experience money can buy.

Why do I care?

The Yoga 910’s screen is nothing short of spectacular.

At 4K resolution (the new standard for HD), it makes watching on your old-fashioned TV like something from The Flintstones.

The good?

This really is the ultimate machine for streaming video.

Lenovo has crammed a 13.9” touchscreen into a machine that’s a similar size as a Macbook Air.

Those extra inches make all the difference.

The bad

Instead of the top, Lenovo’s built-in webcam is at the bottom of the screen.

This means some unflattering camera angles. Expect a double-chin during Skype calls.

(And more ‘intimate’ close-ups during personal video chats).

This is the most flexible laptop money can buy.

Party tricks?

There sure is. This laptop isn’t called “Yoga” for nothing. True to form, it can bend and flex in any direction you like.

By flipping it into “tent mode” the webcam goes back above the screen, where it should be, banishing your double chin to the history books.

Who’s it for?

People who love good design will love the Yoga 910. This laptop’s clever flexible hinge is the best in the business.

But it doesn’t have the stamina (a downside of the high-resolution screen) for a full day at the office.

There’s also a confusing mixture of USB ports, meaning this laptop is better suited to home.

The Lenovo Yoga 910's hinge is a clever piece of engineering.

The price?

This is one sexy slim device with a ‘top-of-the-range’ price to match, starting at £1,399.

You could buy a high-end TV and laptop for the same money, but if you love luxury and like to stay mobile, this is the machine for you.

Our take

The Lenovo Yoga 910 does Netflix like no other.

What you do afterwards is up to you.

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