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Memo readers swap the gym for mindfulness apps in 2017

By Oliver Smith 13 February 2017
image: istock/filadendron

The results of our January reader survey are in.

Gyms are notoriously busy in January as people start the new year with a health binge, but The Memo’s readers have eschewed the gym in favour of something a little more mindful. 

More than a fifth of Memo readers have been practising mindfulness at work in the first weeks of 2017, putting mindfulness ahead of the gym as the most popular new resolution to make.

Meanwhile, 19% of us have joined a gym since Christmas, according to The Memo’s January reader survey of fitness trends.

We’ve said in the past that fitness trackers have been a big flop, but Memo readers bucked this trend. 48% of you said you still use your tracker every day.

But bad news for the family dog – 88% of you aren’t interested in a fitness tracker for pooch.

Unsurprisingly, fitness apps remain popular with our readers, with leading calorie counter MyFitnessPal ranking as our No.1 most popular app and over 60% of readers using calorie counting apps.

Breaking away from technology in 2017 remains as hard as ever, with 82% of us unable to have even a one-week digital detox from social media.

The Killing's Sofie Grabol sports a rather Hygge jumper.

The rise and rise of hygge

One of our favourite growing trends last year was the Danish concept of hygge, a Scandinavian idea of which the most literal translation is ‘snug’ or ‘cosy’.

Brilliantly 68% of our readers know hygge, and so they should.

Sadly fika, the Swedish trend of coffee, cake and chilling out at work, is only known by 25% of our readers – such a shame.

Food fads remain… fads

We asked about some of the latest up and coming food fads, from Himalayan pink salt to activated charcoal, your thoughts were clear – 65% of you had never heard of any of them.

But love it or loathe it, clean eating has hit the mainstream.

88% of Memo readers saying they were aware of clean eating, a trend we’ve been fairly critical of – worryingly more than 40% of you have tried it.

Despite the rise and rise of clean eating, Atkins, a diet that’s practically ancient in dating fad years, still came out on top as the most popular diet tried by Memo readers.

It was closely followed by fasting – recently popularised by the likes of Beyoncé.

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