Scientists find cure for bad body odour – but you won’t like it

By Kitty Knowles 13 February 2017

Pong begone.

Have whiffy pits (or worse) is embarrassing and unpleasant – no one wants to be the stinky one in the office.

But for some poor people, no amount of Sure is enough to stop the stench.

Luckily, scientists now have discovered a cure to put a stop to sweaty smells – but you won’t like it:

It requires a good lather of someone else’s sweat.


Sweat transplant anyone?

Wearing the hand-made musk of another more fragrant family member could help you to smell less, researchers from the University of California have confirmed.

The is because a so-called ‘bacterial transplant’ from a less-odorous relative will help you to breed more nose-friendly microbes, said Dr Chris Callewaert at the Karolinska Dermatology Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden.

Callewaert’s findings came from an experiment involving identical twins (one had stinking pits, and the other didn’t). Callewaert decided to mix up their bacteria – applying the new fresh-scented microbes to the stinky twin after he’d spent several days washing with antibacterial soap.

The new microbes outnumbered the unwanted bacteria, and were able to take over, leaving the once stinky twin smelling fresh a year later.

Want to sort out your stench?

First things first: you need to put the deodorant down.

Contrary to what you might think, applying too much probably makes you smell worse, suggests Callewaert.

That’s because the microbes that can thrive without oxygen could well be the stinky sort we do not want.

You could also undertake your own sibling experiment. And, in the future, you might even be able to make use of a ‘universal recipe’.

“It’s still very experimental, but I’m sure it can work,” said Callewaert.

Are your underarms at the ready?