Mind-controlled sex toys have arrived

By Kitty Knowles 10 February 2017

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Teledildonics isn’t just a funny word: it literally means sex toys you can control from afar – and the internet-connected sex toy business is booming.

Soon though, you won’t simply be able to control your partner’s vibrator (or fleshlight) from your smartphone.

You could turn-them on with your thoughts.

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Lovense Blush Vibe for Apple Watch. Pic: Lovense
Lovense Blush Vibe for Apple Watch. Pic: Lovense

Think kinky

It might sound like something out of a kinky sci-fi flick, but mind-controlled sex toys actually now already exist.

We introduced you to the Lovense Lush Vibe in 2014, when it became the first sex toy for Apple Watch.

This year, a team of French developers used Open BCI (a open-source platform dedicated to brain-computer interfaces) to think the device into vibrating.

Are mind-controlled sex toys the future?

Stephen des Aulnois, creator of pornographic culture magazine LeTagParfait, worked on the project.

While he admits that using connected sex toys with your smartphone is easier, he also believes mind-control is the future.

“They can solve problems of long distance sex for instance, [as well as] help disabled people to take control over their body and sexuality,” he told The Memo.

“It’s absolutely possible to turn this device into something more comfortable and prettier.”

The realities right now

Sadly, you will likely have to wait a few years to get hands-on with a consumer ready device, and, as the video above shows, sending ‘good vibes’ is not as easy as you might think.

But the experience is one that will be worth the wait, says des Aulnois:

“Controlling the sex toy with your brain is in itself a rather satisfying experience. It’s pretty crazy.”

Mind-control is also just one way we will be exploring the world of connected toys in years to come.

“You can connect objects to a lot of things,” says des Aulnois. “We connected the sex toy to a twitter hashtag, and the International Space Station. Everything is possible, you only have to imagine it.”

A reason to start tweeting again, perhaps?

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