Sorry Brits, Netflix is about to get much better for Europeans

By Oliver Smith 9 February 2017

Just another perk for those staying in the single market.

Did you know your European neighbours have dramatically different experiences when it comes to binge-watching Netflix?

Ireland, Denmark and Norway all enjoy a far better, larger choice of movies and TV series to watch than the UK does, while Portugal and Hungary struggle with the smallest selection across the European Union.

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This all probably sounds super-unfair, especially for countries that are supposed to be part of the same ‘borderless’ continent, and the EU agrees.

Starting in 2018 they’re planning new rules that will start blocking services like Netflix and iPlayer from being locked to certain regions, so the next time you pop over to Paris you’ll still be able to binge on Sherlock or House of Cards.

But this excellent perk is just another that Brits won’t be able to enjoy for very long.

Netflix movie library in countries across Europe compared to the US library. Source: Statista.

Sorry Brits

You might have heard that after years of paying an arm and a leg for using your smartphone abroad, starting this June you’ll be able to go anywhere in Europe and pay exactly the same price as you do in the UK.

Again, all thanks to the European Union.

But these joyous times of cheap mobile bills and a better Netflix experience will be short lived, once Brexit happens Brits will once again be saddled with roaming charges and a more limited selection of shows to watch.

As the EU’s digital vice-president Andrus Ansip gleefully told fellow Europeans yesterday: “People who have subscribed to their favourite series, music and sports events at home will be able to enjoy them when they travel in Europe.”

“This is a new important step in breaking down barriers in the Digital Single Market.”

It’s just a shame that Britain is determined to put its barriers back up.