Google’s sparkling data-designed dress will perfectly match your life

By Oliver Smith 8 February 2017

Clothing that's entirely personalised to you.

Soon everything in your life will be personalised, from data-driven beer to IBM Watson suggesting bespoke medicine based on your health data. But shouldn’t your clothes be data-driven too?

What if your dress, suit or shirt could be tailored to your own daily behaviour and movements?

Whether you’ve an active commute, or an active nightlife, a sedentary job, or one in which you’re always moving – clothes could even be designed based on the upcoming weather where you live.

That’s exactly what Google and H&M are working on.

Coded Couture

With the help of a smartphone app from Google which collects data on your lifestyle over the course of a week, H&M’s digital fashion brand Ivyrevel can then create truly custom clothing.

Ivyrevel will start with a new range known as Coded Couture (not to be mistaken with London Fashion Week’s Coded_Couture exhibition) launching later this year.

You’ll just pop your measurements into the app which has collected data on your life and Ivyrevel will show you bespoke outfits that suit your lifestyle, which you can order from the app.

Aleksandar Subosic, co-founder of Ivyrevel, believes Coded Couture’s dresses will enable “women around the world to order a dress made entirely for them, that reflects the way they live their lives.”

Pricing remains a bit of a mystery, Ivyrevel has described it as “accessible” and, with their other dresses ranging between £50 and £100, data-driven design could soon be within the reach of everyone.

We know that just being data-driven doesn’t mean something will be popular or even fashionable, but with H&M’s fashion brains and Google’s data smarts the duo can hopefully create something truly unique.