What’s love worth? £14.5bn in the British economy alone

By Kitty Knowles 8 February 2017

Dating apps give a welcome boost to the British economy.

Loved-up Britain is bringing in the billions; we’ve long paid out in pursuit of happiness, and today our smartphone culture is providing a welcome boost.

Eager daters paid out a whopping £14.5bn last year for dating services, with the app industry alone making £11.7bn, a new report from TSB has revealed.

“While it may not always lead to the course of true love, the dating scene is definitely doing its bit to boost the UK economy,” said Nicola Forsyth, a manager at TSB.

Tricky customs

Our digital outlook may be bold, but many aspects of modern dating remain tied to tradition, the survey of 2,000 Brits found.

Singletons will go out twice a month, on average spending around £41.20 on every first date. But who pays the bill remains a matter of contention.

While nearly half of people preferred to split the bill, 40% said men should pay on the first date (a third of women agreed, compared to half of men).

It’s not just about ‘being a gentleman’ however: a quarter of all respondents also said they wouldn’t see a date again if they didn’t offer to pay for at least part of the bill – even if the date itself had been wonderful.

Try running that gauntlet.

Offline love still wins out

What’s more, while apps like Tinder are proving popular, they’re not yet dominating the dating game, TSB found.

Half of Brits found more dates offline than online, with the majority discovering new romantic interests through friends.

Just 33% connected through dating apps, compared to 42% on nights out, and 32% through work.

Time for a scout around the office? We think ‘1 in 3’ odds are rather good…