Open-minded about sex? Try Feeld’s secret smartphone wallpapers

By Kitty Knowles 7 February 2017

10,000 prospective lovers are already using Feeld's secret wallpaper codes.

“Sex is something beautiful … it shouldn’t be a taboo.” This is what Feeld founder Dimo Trifonov, told us when we met him last year – and we couldn’t agree more.

Back then his dating app went under the name 3nder, and today its core mission remains the same: to help the sexually curious connect. To help you find whatever you’re looking for, be that a quick hookup, a threesome, or someone who simply shares a particular kink.

Now, Trifonov has created a more subtle way to pair up people looking for passion: he’s launched secret coded sexy smartphone wallpapers.

Will you signal that you’re open?

Three of Feeld's secret sexy wallpapers.

Sex up your smartphone

Inspired by the fluidity and purity of human sexuality, Feeld wallpapers can be used as a way to show people you’re a curious, sexually open member of the Feeld community.

Initially these were hidden away in secret corners of the net, but they’ve just been released on the Feeld website for everyone to try – and they’ve already attracted 10k downloads.

“The idea behind the wallpaper was simply to allow people to connect without even opening the app,” Trifonov told us this morning.

“I was thinking of ways to adapt Feeld to Apple Watch and Android Wear so that people can discover each other when close to each other,” he explained.

“Then I realised that similar effect could be achieved without coding at all.”

The future for Feeld

As you can imagine, having a big dog like Tinder sue you isn’t easy, but this hasn’t stopped Feeld’s rising success.

The app now has a new Android version, as well as 3m members worldwide.

What’s more, a new Feeld app is due for imminent release, with a new design, and improved features focusing on couples.

“Threesomes was a good touch point,” Trifonov said of he said of the initial name 3nder.

“However, after diving deeper and talking with our members, we found out that majority of people are using the platform just to talk and discuss their sexuality, desires, relationships away from social pressure.”

And now, he hopes, he’s ended up with a better name than ever:

“Feeld is space for talking about things which we usually don’t talk about – an open and safe field where you can be yourself.”

Do you feel in the mood for a new wallpaper yet?