Breaking taboos: How Whiplr helped 1m people embrace their kinks

By Kitty Knowles 6 February 2017

Whiplr app: Meet the world's biggest mobile fetish community.

You might not admit it publicly, but you know what your kinks are.

That may simply be a little light spanking; or it could be being hung from the ceiling by your nipples.

But admitting any of this (however vanilla) remains taboo.

Whiplr is on a mission to change that.

Meet Whiplr

Founded two years ago, Whilpr is unapologetically and squarely aimed at people interested in the world of kink – from the mild to the more hardcore.

It’s bringing all kinds of fetish to the fore, and today, business is booming.

The team just celebrated their millionth app download, and the app is steadily growing in popularity.

It now has over 1,500 new downloads a day.

Kink for everyone

Like any successful business, Whiplr has flown because it’s meeting a real need – a need that’s been overlooked by all other dating and hookup apps.

“For the most part, fetish is still considered by many as a sexual taboo […] restricting it to the darker corners of accepted erotic expression,” Whiplr’s self-titled ‘Goddess Carole’ told The Memo.

But Carole “realised the ground was fertile” after the success of E.L. James’ 50 Shades in the cinema, and decided to act to bring together the community.

“What we’ve done is essentially shine a light on these popular fantasies and practices,” she explains.

“We’re enabling members to communicate and explore their desires in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.”

How Whiplr works

All you have to do to use Whiplr is create a nickname and upload a profile photo, location and bio. You can then meet and chat with potential play partners, both nearby and around the world.

“Your profile acts as a podium for you to tell others about yourself, from your kinks and fantasies, events you wish to attend and even your go-to safe word,” says Carole.

“We love hearing from members who tell us how surprised they were that, unbeknownst to them, so many people in their city were taking part in this fascinating world.

The other apps can eat dirt

One huge thing that sets Whiplr apart is how seriously they’ve actually invested in their users.

As well as having dozens of images, you can, for example, create private albums that you can choose to share or revoke on a case-by-case basis.

And aside from texting, you can send images, audio messages or video clips, and even make audio and video calls to other members.

“You can literally juggle four mediums simultaneously while never leaving our app,” says kink leader Carole.

“From profile blocking to designating who may view your private images, we want members to feel only they have total control over their activity in Whiplr.”

What’s more, the app has continued to improve, putting relatively stagnant apps like Tinder to shame.

Just recently the Whiplr team launched a new improved profile layout, created a totally new photo feed (in which you can ‘like’ and comment on member photos), as well as a virtual gift system.

It’s a savvy app that always seems to put the user first.

Welcoming the real-world community

In addition to this, Whiplr has done a fantastic job of blending its digital services with the real world.

“It acts as a directory of events both public and private, and as a colourful discussion forum attracting participants from all over the fetish spectrum,” Carole explains.

In the app’s latest update, you can now create and join private fetish events and gatherings using the private events tab, a global directory of kink parties, festivals, shows, and conferences.

The big business dream

Considering all this, it won’t come as a surprise that Whiplr has bigger business plans in the pipeline.

“Our dream is to continue to grow, to bring new people to this great community and be goodwill ambassadors of the fetish community in the world,” says Carole.

“One of our users’ most requested features, a full-fledged web app, is on the way and we’re excited to add to the ways existing and future members can interact,” she adds.

For Whiplr the plan for the future is to continue breaking down the taboos around people’s fantasies.

“We believe everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to bring their fantasies to life with the right partner, without fearing their own erotic taboos which are, as we have proven, popular and extremely prevalent.”

Time to embrace your inner-naughtiness?