JigTalk: This ‘moral’ dating app reveals your profile photo piece by piece

By Kitty Knowles 1 February 2017

Flirt first, photo second - each message removes one piece of the puzzle.

Shallow, fake, fickle. Whatever you call it, the world of online dating can be cruel.

A search for love can live and die before a single message has even been sent. And too often there’s no chit-chat, no bonding over mutual interests, no flirtation – unless you’re perceived to be superficially hot.

Today both lookers and the ‘less desirable’ are fed up with being judged on face value. That’s where JigTalk can help.

What is JigTalk?

JigTalk is a kind of Blind Date for the digital age (Cilla Black would be proud). If you use the app, you have no idea what a potential match looks like until you actually chat with them.

Every message exchanged leads to a piece of their profile photo being revealed.

Co-founders Alex Durrant and Max Adamski created the platform after facing up to the fact that personal rejection was too often skin-deep.

“Users of dating apps don’t exchange messages … this is the sad reality,” Durrant told The Memo. “You know what they look like, they know what you look like, and you know why you’ve matched. It’s superficial and no fun.”

“We want to create a product that promotes morality in an industry that lacks it,” he explained.

Play games to uncover profile pictures

JigTalk brings conversation back into the equation by engaging daters in playful game-like scenarios.

Initially, you’re invited to see two potential matches; you then have to pick one based on purely on their age, location, and bio – and a single photo snippet.

If this selection results in a match, you can use four quiz-style icebreaker questions to get conversation rolling – and to work towards uncovering their 16-piece profile picture.

“This refreshing, gamified approach to dating lets personality lead, re-injecting the all-exciting ‘chase’ and ultimately resulting in an edge-of-your-seat experience,” says Durrant.

True love is blind

We know that swipe-led dating can be stressful and sad, but JigTalk wants to help put the fun back in.

“Our main aim is to help our users feel entertained, safe and comfortable,” says Durrant.

However, the team also hope that their app will help daters find true love.

“Having a couple hit it off on JigTalk and eventually drive off into the sunset together in a convertible marked ‘just married’ would be cool,” says Durrant:

“Getting Max a girlfriend is partly why JigTalk was created so that would also be a somewhat of a happy ending!”

Shaking up the love industry

All you need to use the free smartphone app is to be over-18 and single, and it’s already proving popular: JigTalk last year attracted over 1,000 beta users and brought about 910 successful matches.

Now the team hope to attract thousands more in the run up to Valentine’s Day, in a bid to gain 50,000 new users in the next 6 months.

Will you give JigTalk a go this February? Maybe love is blind after all.

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