This glowing cycling helmet is smart AND sexy

By Kitty Knowles 27 January 2017

The super smart Lumos cycling helmet is an immaculate Designs of the Year winner.

So it might still look pretty much like a standard bike helmet – but guys, safety is sexy.

And the Lumos next-gen bike helmet just proved its immaculate credentials as a winner at the Designs of the Year awards.

Coming out on top in the ‘Transport’ category, the smart headwear features integrated lights that instinctively illuminate as you brake and turn.

Cyclists have Eu-wen Ding and Jeff Haoran Chen to thank for the innovation, which made crowdfunding history by raising over $800,000 to be the highest funded bicycle helmet campaign ever.

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Better Shelter for refugees

Lumos is just one of category winners selected from the Design Museum‘s 70 featured nominations, which are on
display until 19 February.

The overall winner was actually Better Shelter, a project launched by the IKEA Foundation and UNHCR, which was crowned for its incredible contribution towards the refugee crisis.

This can be assembled on site without additional tools, and is fitted with a solar panel to provide light and has a lifespan of three years.

“Shelter is now available, so refugee families and children can have a safer place to call home,” said the IKEA Foundation’s Jonathan Spampinato.

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Robot surgeons & space coffee

The inspiring winner of the ‘Digital’ category is OpenSurgery, the Royal College of Arts’ robotic surgeon capable of performing operations at a fraction of the cost of professional surgical care.

A coffee cup that be used on International Space Station took home the best ‘Product’ award: Space Cup, created with NASA, means astronauts no longer need to get their caffeine hit through a straw.

David Bowie’s already iconic Blackstar album cover received the ‘Graphics’ accolade – this was not only made using open source elements, but became open-sourced itself following Bowie’s death enabling fans to engage and interact with the symbols.

And Children vs. Fashion, created by a group of eight-year-old Spanish school kids, took home the ‘Fashion’ prize. This project saw kids challenge the gender imbalance promoted in fashion advertising.

Clearly this year’s Designs of the Year have been of an outstanding calibre. We can’t wait to see the 2017 entries…

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