Hello paper bike – you’ll look great with Dyson’s paper helmet

By Kitty Knowles 24 January 2017

The Urban CG1: recycled cycling that's fit for the road.

It’s easy to see why smart environmentally-aware folk love the bicycle – riding around isn’t just great for the body and mind – it’s better for the future of our planet.

Last year, we had the pleasure of writing about the EcoHelmet: the extraordinary James Dyson Award-winning bike helmet made entirely out of recycled paper.

Isis Shiffer's EcoHelmet.
Isis Shiffer's EcoHelmet.

It’s creator, New York’s Isis Shiffer designed it to protect those who rent bikes from local bike schemes, and plans to sell them from vending machines for just $5 a pop.

“EcoHelmet solves an obvious problem in an incredibly elegant way,” said James Dyson of Shiffer’s success.

Do you want a bike with that?

Now, another group of environmentalist designers has taken the paper dream a turn further.

The Urban CG1 is made almost entirely from recycled paper. This has been waterproofed with “ecological” polystyrene paint, so it doesn’t turn your commute into a flop.

Other bike parts which require rubber, plastic, and metal have been mindfully selected so that they can be reused.

Even its packaging is reusable, and when you receive your delivery, you’ll also be sent a manual one how to turn the waste into something useful.

Other perks include tyres that won’t go flat (they’re not filled with air), a smartphone mount, and a wide range of pretty colour options.

A new era

The creators of the Urban CG1 have just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring it to the world, and ring in “the new era of bicycle”.

With a target of MX$250,000 (around £9,400), the team hope to shop to backers later this year.

“Imagine telling your friends that you have the greenest bike in the world,” they tease.

We’re already envious. Are you?

Watch the campaign video for the Urban CG1 paper bike below…