Turasoir: Fly to fitness with healthy holidays

By Kitty Knowles 11 January 2017

Yogi, surfer or hiker? Travel is good for you.

To sofa sloths, the idea of doing a healthy holiday might seem a little absurd.

But yoga and surf retreats and climbing and hiking holidays are all on the up as the fitness travel trend continues to grow.

One entrepreneur hoping to capitalise on this has created a curated website of trips tailored to improve your well-being.

Turasoir is for people who want to go on fitness and wellness holidays but don’t know what to trust, or where to look for something suitable,” founder Sukh Bachal told The Memo.

“We aim to be the defining standard for healthy travel.”

Meet Sukh Bachal

For Bachal it was second nature to want to stay fit on holiday.

“My mum is a yoga teacher [and] my dad always had gym equipment in our garage and a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pumping Iron stashed away,” she told The Memo.

“Most of my socialising is done workout first – dinner after with friends, or yoga then brunch.”

But Buchal’s online travel searches to find good food and professional fitness trainers were often underwhelming.

“Searching for ‘fitness retreats’ and having to trawl through 1,000s of results and then seeing marketing tactics like ‘only one spot left’ make it nearly impossible for customers to navigate,” she explains.

A Turasoir-listed Marbella retreat.
A Turasoir-listed Marbella retreat.

Travelling with Turasoir

So, in May 2016, Bachal founded Turasoir, with the aim to solve two big problems.

“Firstly, many people are baffled by the ‘fitness holiday’ and find it very difficult to decipher if it’s going to be right for them or not, especially when they see ‘all levels welcome’,” she explained. “Secondly, for a retreat provider, it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed as the market gets more saturated.”

To make life easier for everyone, the Turasoir team personally listseach and every detail of their hand-picked trips – helping the best (most appropriate) retreats stand out.

“We’re aiming to make it really clear to people what they’re going to get at each destination,” says Bachal.

“People want to see a schedule, they want to know if it’s a green juice, gluten-free kind of place or will they be allowed to tuck into wine and get out to see the sights.”

Wildfitness Beach training
Wildfitness Beach training

Where will you go?

Turasoir currently has 60 holidays listed, and Bachal plans to add a further 30 in the coming months.

Her favourites include the Wildfitness holiday in Zanzibar (which includes barefoot running, swinging from trees, and sea swimming all from the luxurious White Sand Villas), or a Bali villa retreat:

“I love that it has surfing lessons thrown in, but their silent morning yoga is also invigorating.”

Bali fit paradise villa
Bali fit paradise villa

Is Turasoir for you?

Aimed at the over 30’s, both male and female, with Turasoir you could well book a holiday with a difference this spring.

“Now is a great time to get out of the much dreaded comfort zone and holidays such as these allow a person to play, work hard, push their limits, conquer, make new friends and have amazing experiences,” says Bachal.

“I’m hoping Turasoir will give people the confidence that they’re booking something great.”

We love the idea of fit travel made easy. After all, some of us are born active, some achieve greatness, and some discover fitness when they’re on their holidays…

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