Smash your health goals: Isoshealth targets your mind, body & nutrition

By Kitty Knowles 10 January 2017

Win at health: Be harder, better, faster, stronger.

By now many of you will have fallen off the wagon. Booze is back on the menu. You’ve ditched the diet. This morning, you refused to face yet another bleak run through the drizzle.

Who can blame you? Sticking to the health goals we set ourselves is hard.

Now though, a new platform is here to help. What’s more it’s tailored to you, and your own personal aims.

Say hello to Isoshealth

Co-founder and CEO Kim Guest first decided to set up Isoshealth to address her own personal pain points.

Her family was affected by type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease, as well as high blood pressure and weight management issues. But neither Britain’s stretched NHS or private high street practices held the answers she was looking for.

“I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of support and the lack of options available to ensure long-term success,” she told The Memo. “A more universal, and transparent option to health professionals was desperately needed.”

Guest had previously headed up O2’s digital health initiative (the first digital platform of its kind in the UK), and felt well-equipped to take on the digital healthcare market.

And so, in September 2015 she co-founded Isoshealth – to provide people with access to health care professionals across the three key areas: mind, body and nutrition.

“It’s for people who want to get better, get fit or who just want to stay healthy,” says Guest.

The rise of the digital doctor

Like other leading doctor apps, Isoshealth aims to takes away the pain of always having to visit a medical expert. “Consumers have the benefit of being digital, which means no travel time, no working days lost, and it’s easier to find the right person and get feedback,” Guest explains.

But Isoshealth also prides itself of its wide-ranging levels of support, which it developed last year on Activate Capital’s Start-up Lab accelerator programme.

“Current health apps are fairly limited in how they can support people,” Guest said. “On you can ask questions to a mind, body or nutritional expert. You can also book an online consultation, share documents, photos and use video, text and voice to ensure that staying on track is easy and effective.”

Think of it as your very own personalised health team, to support you wherever you are on your journey.

A view of the Isoshealth dashboard. Pic: Isoshealth.
A view of the Isoshealth dashboard. Pic: Isoshealth.

Is Isoshealth for you?

It’s easy to see the Isoshealth appeal – who doesn’t feel like they need a helping hand when it comes to better health, especially when it comes to sticking to New Year’s resolutions?

The benefits, of course, come at a cost: consultations are based on a flat fee of £99 a pop, but the company is looking to offer a wider range of options in 2017 to give users greater choice.

“We want people to feel like they’re in a safe, knowledgeable and trusted environment and are being given the best advice and care possible,” says Guest.

“What we offer is a truly personalised service and we are focused on supporting you to reach your health care goals.”

Will you see if Isoshealth can help you smash yours?

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