A decade on, watch how Steve Jobs started the iPhone revolution

By Oliver Smith 9 January 2017

The iconic device that kickstarted the smartphone revolution.

It was a take-your-breath-away moment, when former Apple CEO Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone from his pocket on 9 January 2007.

No one could have believed at the time what a revolution that his “breakthrough internet communications device” was about to kickstart.

10 years later, today we take for granted many of the features of that first iPhone, that all smartphones should have large touchscreen displays with few physical buttons – something that seemed nuts back in 2007 with button-happy Nokia and BlackBerry at their strongest.

While sales of the latest iPhone may be slowing, the device remains one of the flagship smartphones in the world having sold over a billion handsets over the past decade.

With that in mind, lets look back to 9 January 2007 and remember how the iPhone’s incredible tale began: