Our theme this January is: The New You

By Kitty Knowles 28 December 2016

Make this year's resolutions count.

Every month at The Memo we drill down into one theme you need to care about.

Last year we explored topics like future finance, health, love, and education; in 2017, we’ll be returning to some of these areas, as well as exploring new ideas around families, habitats and media.

There’s a lot to look forward to, but importantly today, we’re going to kick off with the exciting theme that’s all about change.

We’re going to be delving into ‘The New You’.

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All change

For many of us, January is a month of hope and possibility. A chance to start the year afresh, addressing personal and professional short-fallings to live, work, and be better.

But this kind of New Year’s resolution has a new meaning in today’s digital world.

There are cutting edge trackers to help us keep fit, and apps to help us ditch unhealthy vices. That’s why, this month, we’ll be digging down into all the ways we can eat, sleep and generally look after our bodies better.

Of course we shouldn’t think of health only in terms of physical well-being. This January, many of us will be looking to find new ways to beat the blues and stay mentally strong through the challenges that lie ahead.

For some this will mean finding new ways to overcome the challenges of mental health. Others will be re-evaluating their work-life balance. Many will be exploring how to be more mindful, or how to do an all-out digital detox.

We’ll be speaking to leaders across these topics, exploring any cutting edge developments and explaining why they matter.

With a little help, this year could be the best year yet: Are you ready for The New You?

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