Financial giant Fidelity wants you to experience your huge wealth in VR

By Oliver Smith 7 December 2016

Are virtual mountains of money the future of investing?

Sometimes numbers and financial spreadsheets just aren’t exciting enough, they don’t let you experience your money.

That’s what financial services giant Fidelity wants to change, with the help of the latest virtual reality.

The group’s research arm, Fidelity Labs, has created a first early concept of how in the future executives might be able to explore how their employees are saving their money using a virtual environment.

But that’s only the start, Fidelity says it is exploring whole new ways for you to experience your wealth in VR.

“It just might help them improve their retirement savings plan, help their employees make better investing decisions, and transform how people see and manage their money,” says Fidelity Labs director Sean Belka.

It does sound quite gimmicky, but we quite like the idea that the future of Fidelity’s wealth management is literally visualising mountains of money in VR.

Take a look at Fidelity’s first VR proof-of-concept: