Digital fairytales & Dickensian episodes: A fantastic year for FutureBook

By Kitty Knowles 5 December 2016
FutureBook 2016 winners. Pic: iStock/TarikVision.

These digital books are fantastically innovative - and would make great Christmas gifts... !

Literature has been around for many millennia, but today it’s also a hotbed for innovation.

Writers and publishers are using digital tools to unlock their craft in beautiful news ways – and this has just been celebrated at The Bookseller‘s FutureBook.

Something for everyone

This year’s festival celebrated leading publishers including Hachette, Pan Macmillan, and Bloomsbury – as well as individuals driving change from within their companies.

But at The Memo we were particularly struck by the winners of two accolades: the ‘Adult Digital Book of the Year’ and the ‘Children’s Digital Book of the Year’.

Dickens for the digital age

Grown-up literature lovers will be wonderfully titillated by enigmatic journey that is the Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia:

“On the eve of the Battle of Waterloo, two families meet at the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball. From this moment on, their stories will be linked by a secret.”

Published by Orion Books (and written by the author of Downton Abbey), this ebook is made up of 11 episodes published week-by-week in the tradition of Charles Dickens, allowing for all the twists, turns and cliffhangers you’d want of a festive drama.

The perfect gift for someone this Christmas.

Set the kids’ imaginations wild

Shining a bright light for digital children’s publishing is FutureBook winner Goldilocks and Little Bear by Nosy Crow.

This interactive ebook app lets your little one step into the stories of both Goldilocks and the bears, with the ability to switch perspectives at any point simply by rotating your device.

“While Goldilocks is in the bears’ home, eating their porridge, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds, Little Bear is in Goldilocks’s family’s home – eating their pancakes, wearing their clothes, and reading their books!”

A joy to behold, your children can play hide-and-seek with the bears, collect berries with Goldilocks’ family, dress-up the bears, and even place themselves in the app using the camera on your smartphone or tablet.

Even adults will enjoy the explorable storytelling of this fantastic re-imagined fairytale.

Watch the video below…