This is what getting a takeaway delivered by robot feels like

By Oliver Smith 2 December 2016

Your Vindaloo will never be the same.

Taksim Meze is a very special Turkish takeaway in Greenwich, not only because it has a 5* rating on Tripadvisor, but also because it just became the world’s first restaurant to perform a robotic food delivery.

When local resident Simone tapped on her Just Eat app recently to place an order, she has no idea that the delivery would be made, not by a driver on a moped, but by a six-wheeled robot.

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“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door to find a robot waiting to greet me – it was like something out of a movie,” said Simone.

The robots have been created by Starship Technologies, which is working in partnership with Just Eat to roll out these machines.

“It is really incredible to think that this kind of technology and service is now available. It was very efficient and actually texted me when it pulled up.”

At the moment it’s up to the restaurant, Taksim Meze in this case, to opt for a robot to make a delivery, typically if the customer is very near by or if their delivery drivers are all busy.

So while you can’t opt for for robot delivery, local Greenwich residents who order a takeaway over the next weeks and months will start finding their food arriving by robot, with plans to expand the service across London next year.

Watch the full journey of Simone’s delivery below: