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How To Boss It Like… Charlotte Pearce, founder & CEO of Inkpact

By Kitty Knowles 1 December 2016

These leaders are changing our world for the better. We find out how Charlotte Pearce gets her job done.

There are a handful of business leaders and industry figures in Britain who are changing the world.

From Annette King to Brent Hoberman and Gadi Amit, these smart people seem to get an incredible amount done, in an impossibly short space of time.

This morning we’re talking to Charlotte Pearce, the big-thinking entrepreneur who’s burst into marketing with her socially-minded, handwritten letter service, Inkpact.

They employ those who might usually struggle to find work – like stay-at-home mums, or those who may have been homeless – to personally handwrite your cards and thank you notes for you.

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With more than 30,000 letters sent this year, and happy customers including Unilever, Mr & Mrs Smith and Moët-Hennessy, Inkpact is irrefutably on the up.

Pearce is even in talks with the Royal Household about who’ll be doing the Queen’s Christmas invitations next year…

As she calmly enters one of Inkpact’s busiest seasons, it’s clear that Pearce is undoubtedly a productivity guru.

A busy woman, with big ideas, The Memo asks Pearce how she gets it all done…

What time do you get up, and what part of your morning routine sets you up for the day?

Until about 3 months ago my morning routine was get out of bed, skip breakfast and get straight on the tube! A very bad start to the day…

But as I step Inkpact and my life up a level, my personal wellbeing is increasingly important.

About 3 months ago I was tired and overweight, so I decided to make a change to my whole lifestyle. Now my morning routine consists of a 6:30 wake up, 2-3 sessions a week with some the most incredible talented personal trainers (Stuart Taylor of PerfecTone and Stephanie Cantelo).

I also do one session a week at the most insane Psycle classes in London’s Oxford Circus and one slightly more relaxing session at my local gym. I cannot explain the difference to my energy, body and life in general!

What apps do you use to be more productive?

At work Slack is a must for communication, while dapulse offers genius project management.

When it comes to personal productivity and health I use:
PerfecTone – A game changer for fitness at home – it’s totally changed my body shape for the better.
Pzizz – Sleeping when your mind is 100% on the business is hard, this app puts me to sleep in seconds, couldn’t live without it!
Jason Vale’s 7-Day Juice Challenge – couldn’t rate this more for a body reset.

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What smartphone do you have?

Apple iPhone 6 – Silver 16GB with a cracked screen (I’m sure I’m not the only one). I just haven’t had the time to fix it – it’s not a priority as long as it does the job!

My home screen photo is ALWAYS a motivational quote…

How many people, outside of family, do you meet in a day?

I meet my team – the wonderful six members of Inkpact who work so hard to keep the business going. I’m so grateful for their passion and dedication.

I meet roughly 3 clients or potential clients a day, and most days I’ll also do an event in the evening to meet awesome entrepreneurs or network with clients.

If I’m not at an event I will try to see one of my best girl friends who are all doing incredible things running their own companies or smashing life in the corporate world.

What book have you read, either recently or in the past, that has inspired you?

I have a bit of an obsession for reading personal development books. One that truly changed all aspects of my life was How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

I’ve read it multiple times and every time I take away something new: a timeless classic read, and I have to say, no matter what role you are in, understanding people is key! It’s also great for personal relationships too.

What would you ask your idol?

I’m not going to properly answer this question, sorry in advance.

I idolise people who are kicking ass in the business world, but honest about their mistakes and downfalls, who are running successful companies, but are never too busy to help those in their footsteps.

These are founders like Tamara Lohan (Mr and Mrs Smith), Emma Sinclair (Enterprise Jungle), Jess Butcher (Blippar) and Chrissie Rucker (The White Company).

In my opinion the best question you can ask your idols, if possible, is if they’d meet you for a coffee. It may be the start of a relationship that will change your life.

When do you work until? Are you still sending emails in the night? Or do you have a wind down routine?

I pretty much feel I ‘work’ all the time: even if I’m not at the desk my brain is always looking for opportunities, and problem solving, etc.

I don’t mean that in a negative way – I choose to do it. I love it, but sometimes I am aware I need to be more present with people, especially my friends and family.

I have sorted my mornings out, but have yet to master my evening routine. I’ll keep reading and sending emails all evening, which I don’t think is healthy.

I don’t have a wind down routine, and I do need one. The only thing I do is when I go to sleep I put my phone on airplane mode so it doesn’t wake me up with notifications.

Finally, in the spirit of Christmas, tell us, what was your favourite toy…?

Edd the Duck. He’s such a rock star puppet! My parents used to tell me stories through him. He was great at driving the car and loved coming on holiday with us!

I hope one day do the same with my kids…

Come back next Thursday for our next #BossItLike interview, and get in touch if you know a leader who’s also a productivity guru for us to talk to.