Underwire Festival: Want to experience assisted suicide in virtual reality?

By Kitty Knowles 30 November 2016

Virtual reality death, animal sex & sci-fi: Don't miss the UK's biggest female film festival.

Feminist film-lover? You’d better head on over to Underwire Festival – the UK’s only film festival celebrating female directors.

This year the festival’s impressive crop of directors have not only examined our past and present, but have delved into our future.

With virtual reality, digital death and sex on the cards, this isn’t one to miss.

Our top three future-gazing films from Underwire Festival…

Embrace death with The Last Moments

Director: Avril Furness

Are you prepared to step into the shoes of a person having an assisted suicide at Dignitas? Well now you can – in the virtual reality film The Last Moments.

Created with the help of Framestore Pictures, VISYON 360, and designers from Punchdrunk and Grand Central Sound Studios, this unusual experience can bring you closer to understanding euthanasia than ever before.

See inside a replica of a room at Dignitas Switzerland, and take part in the interactive docudrama.

Ultimately, the narrative choice will be in your hands: to end your life or carry on living.

The Last Moments will be presented as part of Lonely Two-legged Creatures at Genesis Cinema on Saturday 3 December, 5pm-8pm.

Explore furry fantasy with cerberus_94 

Director: Pippa Young

Nominated in the under-25 category, Young’s cerberus_94 explores how the internet has allowed animalistic fetishists to create a community of their own.

This portrait of the vibrant online world of ‘furries’ explores the escapism, joy and – sometimes – shame that fans experience.

See for yourself how online forums have supported solidarity, and have allowed people to truly become themselves.

cerberus_94 will be presented as part of Stranger Things at The Prince Charles Cinema on Friday 2 December from 8:30pm. 

Touch the future of mental health with Terminally Happy 

Director: Adina Istrate

This psychological sci-fi imagines the outcomes of a game-changing medical breakthrough. 

What if doctors could help us travel deep into our minds to reconnect the broken memories of our pasts?

Follow neuroscientist Dr Louis W as she develops an opiate that can put an end to the rising suicide rates that plague our dystopian future. 

Terminally Happy will be presented as part of Lonely Two-legged Creatures at Genesis Cinema on Saturday 3 December, 5pm-8pm.

Get involved…

Don’t miss Underwire Festival event: The Internet Was Made For Women, where you can hear female filmmakers discussing how they managed to make the shows they wanted to watch.

Now with successful web series up and running, they’ll share how they did it, and how to get the money-people to come to you.

Underwire Festival runs from 30 November – 4 December at venues across London. More info here

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