FMK: Would you play new online dating app F**k, Marry, Kill?

By Kitty Knowles 25 November 2016
A Fuck Marry Kill app? Pic: FMK app.

FMK? The infamous dilemma has been brought to life in a dating app...

How blasé two-choice Tinder looks now that the three-option FMK has hit the dating scene.

Inspired by the globally-known game ‘F**k Marry Kill’, this new controversial app offers you three people, and three choices:

  • To F**K
    “The one suited for a one night stand but that only would introduce to your parents if you want to piss them off.”
  • To MARRY
    “This one’s good for the long term. Cute and all, and seems like a nice person.”
  • To KILL
    “Not even if you were the only two survivors of a zombie apocalypse. In fact, you would rather fuck or marry a zombie.”

Not particularly useful

Created by Rui Gouveia in Portugal, this is no traditional dating app, and if you’re serious about looking for love, you probably won’t find it particularly useful.

If presented with three eligible dates, you’ll still have to totally reject one, or you could end up ‘matching’ with someone for sex that you simply selected as the best of a bad bunch.

Instead, this is a dating game, that’s supposedly just made more exciting by the possibility of real-life matches (who you get to chat to).

“We’re seeing two types of users: the ones that use FMK just for the fun of it [and] others for the possibility of meeting new people,” founder Gouveia told The Memo.

“We don’t position as a dating app. FMK is a social fun game where you can meet new people if you want.”

Since its launch last month FMK has already had 6500 downloads, and it’s clearly addictive as more than 90% of users access the app every day.

To use it you simply login to Facebook to either play by yourself or with your friends, where you can filter by age, gender and location if you choose.


Distasteful and dangerous?

It goes without saying that the idea of FMK will upset some people.

Perhaps more so than Tinder, it reduces people to their image, and while the ‘Kill’ option isn’t literal, it holds uncomfortable and violent connotations.

“Keep in mind that the killing is figurative,” firmly states the FMK website.

What’s more, while FMK could be played relatively harmlessly among friends, it’s also easy to see it as a device to be cruel to vulnerable young adults (although you do have to be 18 to play).

“We tell critics they only play it if they want and that all our users are there because they chose to enter the game,” says Gouveia.

“We know the concept is bold and risky [but users] can opt-out at any time if they don’t want their profile to be in the mix.”

Essentially, FMK basically amounts to an online popularity contest (although your statistics are kept strictly private).

But while the FMK teams say they will ban a “creeps” and “assholes” for life, it’s difficult to see how this could be realistically enforced.

Dating apps simply aren’t fun enough, the founders claim, but would you put your ego on the line? Being told you’d be ‘Killed’ multiple times in a row doesn’t sound like fun to us…

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