The Money Maker Ep.1: What Brexit really means for startups

By Alex Wood 23 November 2016

Brexit means? We find out in the first episode of our new video series, The Money Maker.

Months after the referendum, things are still as clear as mud. As soon as the result was announced, rival European cities spotted an opportunity to steal a march ahead of London.

Earlier this year, Berlin drove a van across the capital with the bold message “Dear Start-ups, keep calm and move to Berlin” and eyebrows were raised across the business community.

Keep Calm and Move to Berlin?

But did the bus work? And has anything really changed? We caught up with four business leaders in the first episode of our new video series, The Money Maker, to find out more about the future.

Thanks to Gary Stewart, Director at Wayra UK, Elizabeth Varley, Founder and CEO at Techhub, Tom Blomfield, CEO and Co-founder at Monzo Bank and Vanessa Gstettenbauer, Senior Investment Manager at Founders Factory for taking part.

Watch The Money Maker Ep.1:

Expert commentary from EY

The Money Maker series is made possible by the kind support of EY, the leaders in tech law.

Richard Goold is Head of Tech Law at EY. In this video he explains why London is still one of the best places to start a financial technology business.

Find out why the outlook looks strong…