Internet of Things

Pay for your next coffee using your own coffee cup

By Kitty Knowles 21 November 2016

Your next caffeine hit could be internet-connected.

Caffeine lovers rejoice! Paying for your next coffee just got smarter – and better for the environment.

Australian telco Optus has partnered with reusable cup co Frank Green to let you pay for your next brew with your very own cup.

A chip in the base of the $39.95 container lets customers make payments of up to $100 at payment terminals that accept Visa payWave. (That’s a lot of coffee!)

This not only means you save on waste (no more takeaway cups) but you simply touch the base of your cup to pay, fill, and go.

Ben White, MD of product and marketing at Optus, said: “These new additions were developed to answer customers asking for added convenience and choice, and to provide more options to take their money with them when they are out and about.”

But will this spread across the world – and into Starbucks…?

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