UnBeweaveable Hair: Afro hair app embraces black beauty

By Kitty Knowles 11 November 2016
UnBeweavable Hair app to celebrate black beauty. Pic: iStock/PeopleImages
UnBeweaveable Hair app to celebrate black beauty. Pic: iStock/PeopleImages

Finally, an on-demand beauty service that caters to women of colour.

If you’re white, it’s easy to find an on-demand hairdresser. Apps like Zeebba, Prettly and The Glam App all offer haircuts or hairstyling – but showcased on models with straight (ish) hair.

It’s as if these new businesses didn’t realise – or care – that an American-style blow-out isn’t exactly the most compatible with Afro-textured hair.

Shaking up the beauty scene

This month however, one entrepreneur hopes to burst onto the scene with a new on-demand app that embraces black beauty.

UnBeweaveable Hair will connect hairdressers and users, meeting the gap in the market to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of beauty on-demand.

“There is nothing out there that includes people who have textured hair, and it’s so frustrating not having something that bothers to appeal to your community,” founder Zina Alfa told The Memo.

“One hair type is not better than another, and I don’t want people of colour to have low self-esteem because they have different hair.”

Alfa’s story

Alfa founded UnBeweaveable Hair last year, after years of struggling to find a suitable stylist.

“Whilst I was at University in Sheffield, I was constantly asking people about hairdressers, but there wasn’t even a website which showed me where there were hairdressers that could do my hair,” she explains.

UnBeweaveable Hair however, simply lets you log in, select from a whole range of hair types, and choose a hairdresser from a 2 mile radius.

You get to decide if you want the stylist to come to you (you can also visit them), and once you’ve book your appointment, a professional will be with you in half an hour or less.

It’s a business model that frees up hairdressers from expensive salon rent, and allows them to work flexible hours, while paying just £15 per month to use the app.

What’s more, those who sign up before the app’s official launch on 30 November will receive six months free membership.

Celebrating diversity

We know that the tech scene is painfully lacking in diversity, so it’s fantastic to see a young black businesswoman turning the tide.

“Business does not necessarily care about diversity,” says Alfa. “But it should be about the ideas you can bring to the table.”

The entrepreneur already has plans to grow her business: she wants to start beauty schools and entrepreneurship programmes for young hairdressers, and in the coming years she hopes to take on America, Canada and Africa.

“We’re always looking for great investment from people who believe in the brand – and me as a young black female entrepreneur,” Alfa said

It’s a big, bold vision that we can’t wait to see succeed. As Alfa says:

“The future of beauty is being inclusive of the afro. Kinky hair is just as beautiful as straight hair.”