Remembrance Day

WWII veteran revisits emotional past in virtual reality

By Kitty Knowles 9 November 2016

A unique way to mark Remembrance Day 2016.

Remembrance Day is a day for reflection on our past – to think about those who have fought and died for others.

This year however, one veteran has marked the occasion in the most futuristic way possible: he’s used virtual reality to return to a community he helped liberate.

Meet Frank Mouqué

Frank Mouqué is a 91-year-old Chelsea Pensioner. He also helped to free the French town of Armentières from Nazi occupation.

Born in Putney, London, he was a ‘sapper’ in the British Royal Engineers, where he was responsible for laying and defusing explosives, and constructing and destroying bridges – as well as participating in combat.

The veteran was part of the D-Day assault on Sword Beach, where, under fire, he managed to clear a path through a mine-littered beach for the rest of the British troops.

With the Allied forces, he then pushed on through France, Belgium and Holland to Germany.

A VR veteran

Now, with the help of publishers Twine, the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Mutiny Media, and a host of other creatives, you can watch as Mouqué returns to the neighbourhoods he fought to save.

You can hear his thoughts as he uses VR to take a tour of present-day Armentières, see children in a local school and hear from the town’s Mayor.

A moving experience, the French dignitary also virtually presents Frank with the town’s official medal.

Watch Frank Mouqué’s story below…