World Ballet Day 2016: Watch the first VR ballet in the world

By Kitty Knowles 4 October 2016

Virtual reality en pointe.

The tutu may be here to stay, but classical ballet has come a long way from Renaissance Italy.

Today, on World Ballet Day 2016, you can even watch the first ever virtual reality performance.

Night Fall

Created by the Dutch National Ballet, Night Fall is a profoundly emotional piece – that you can stand right in the middle of.

For the best experience we recommend you beg, borrow or steal a Samsung Gear VR headset. If you can pop your smartphone into one of these, you’ll feel completely immersed in the space.

Alternatively, use a Google Cardboard headset (which is still pretty immersive), or simply watch the 360° video on YouTube (where you can use your mouse to drag the screen and ‘look around’).

What to expect?

Be prepared to see stunning ensembles that draw on famous flowing ‘white acts’ from Swan Lake and La Bayadère.

Watch an enchanting veiled lead, pour her soul out through her dance ballets shoes as dark clothed men rouse tension among the stellar cast.

A spine-tingling performance. Enjoy!

Watch Night Fall…