Virtual Reality

Bonjour Paris! See the first VR travel app on the Oculus store

By Kitty Knowles 26 September 2016

Sygic: The virtual future of travel has arrived.

We’ve told you virtual travel is coming: now it’s here – if you have a virtual headset.

Sygic, who made the first ever GPS navigation app ever for the iPhone back in 2009, has just launched the inaugural VR travel app to hit the Oculus Store. And, it’s free.

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Explore the world!

Now anyone with a Samsung Gear VR headset can experience the far corners of the globe from their living room, with the help of 360° videos.

Fancy a midnight tour around the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or a roam through the medieval old towns of Belgium? That can be arranged.

“Travel agencies offer a lot of amazing pictures of destinations, but we would like to bring them inspiration and reality as well [with] real videos from the real destinations,” Sygic founder and CEO, Michal Stencl, told The Memo.

He hopes the app will help travellers to avoid bad holidays, to see a more realistic view of their destination, and to get an overall feel for the city.

Things, will only get better

Eventually Sygic Travel aims to transform the entire travel experience by offering customers help at every stage of their trip, from checking out potential hot spots to planning and booking.

All footage seen on the app is captured by a professional “Sygic Traveller”, and the company aims to build a library of thousands of different places in the next year.

“We are expecting the huge expansion of VR in the travel industry,” said Stencl. “In a very short time you will be able to see hotels, restaurants, museums, events, and concerts through VR.”

“We are at the beginning of this future.”

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