Step inside Dyson’s beautiful, top-secret Wiltshire campus

By Oliver Smith 14 September 2016
These buildings are home to Dyson's biggest secret projects.

This is where Dyson's greatest inventions are born.

Dyson is Britain’s largest investor in robotics and one of the world’s leading inventors.

It’s campus in Malmesbury, Wiltshire today completed a £250m expansion to 56 acres, Dyson now boasts 129 laboratories covering over 200 live technology projects being worked on.

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The sun rises on Dyson's newly expanded 56 acre campus.

“It is out of critical glare, in stimulating spaces, surrounded by engineering inspiration and design icons, that bright minds can breathe life into ideas,” says James Dyson, the founder and chair of the company.

Over the past 23 years Dyson’s campus has grown to include hands-on prototyping labs, design studios and now even a new multi-purpose sports facility and cafe that gives the space a university-esque feel.

Dyson's campus is home to cutting-edge research and design facilities, like this anechoic chamber that absorbs sound.

“Bolstering our in-house testing facilities, research and laboratory spaces allows Dyson engineers to learn through every failure as they develop new technology.”

D9 is one such building.

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House of secrets

With its reflective structural glass, steel columns, concrete floors and concrete top, D9 is home to Dyson’s most secret projects.

Motors, software, electronics, energy storage, robotics and personal care are among the areas being researched and tested in this space.

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The newly built D9 building houses some of Dyson's most secretive projects.

It’s reflective glass exterior keeps the inside workings of the building confidential, while reducing heat-loss and blending the building into the surrounding Cotswold landscape.

The Hanger contains Dyson's multi-purpose sports facility.

Inspiring design

“Our new Malmesbury campus is where our technologies are conceived and from here they grow into commercial realities,” says Dyson CEO Max Conze. 

“As Dyson grows globally, it is through investment in research, spaces and bright young minds that we will be able to continue our mission in creating problem solving technology right in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.”

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The entire campus is designed to have a university-like feel.

It’s not all work and no play at Dyson. The campus is home to a number of design icons, designed to inspire the company’s hundreds of engineers.

A Cold War era English Electric Lightning Jet airplane hovers over Dyson’s new cafeteria, while a Harrier Jump Jet, a Bell 47 helicopter and half of a Mini Cooper are dotted around the campus.

Design icons, like this English Electric Lightning Jet, are dotted around the campus.

We can’t wait to see what Dyson’s engineering bods come up with next.