Apple iPhone 7 slogan translates to: ‘this is penis’

By Kitty Knowles 9 September 2016
Apple iPhone7 slogan translation is 'This is penis'. Pic: powerofforever

This amusing cock-up is making Hong Kong giggle.

As marketing mistakes go, Apple’s latest one is pretty great, as it appears that the tech giant failed to consider how its new iPhone7 slogan would translate into Chinese.

Yesterday we were pretty disappointed with Apple’s mediocre announcement, and its strap-lines, “This changes everything. Again”, “Bigger than bigger”, “This is 7″ are equally middle-of-the-road.

Unless you live in Hong Kong, that is.

“This is penis”

If you happen to speak Cantonese the slogan “This is 7” turns into something far more silly, and yes, a little racy.

That’s because ‘7’ translates to ‘柒’ – a colloquial term for penis.

This means that the new Apple tagline translates as: “This is penis”. Probably not what they were aiming for.

Hong Kong mocking

This slang term isn’t overly offensive, at least.

As one reporter who specialises in the region notes: If a friend slips in public, you can say to him in Cantonese “You are so seven,” as a kind of gentle mocking.

“Without a 3.5mm earbud jack, this is exactly penis,” writes one humorous Hong Konger, in this Facebook post.

Poor, silly Apple. What a cock-up.

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