Start your engines: We’re driving into the future of transport this September

By Oliver Smith 1 September 2016

Throughout September The Memo introduces you to the latest motoring and transport trends.

Every month at The Memo we drill down on one topic you need to care about.

From July’s focus on travel, to August’s sporting extravaganza, and future themes like health and diversity, we introduce you to the must-know trends and the people behind them.

Transport and Motoring special report

It’s time to rev your engines.

Throughout September we’ll be driving, flying and sailing you into the future of transport.

We’ll be driving electric cars, speaking to Ford’s in-house futurist and exploring the future of travel on the River Thames.

From Silverstone to Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix, we’ll be delving into the fast future of driverless vehicles and the road safety of bikes, busses and boats.

Our team will be trying out alternative transport too, like eBikes and communal commuter clubs, to find out if there’s a better way for you to get to work.

Find out about all this, and much more.

Strap-in and hold on tight.

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