Cool digital art hits Copenhagen’s train stations

By Kitty Knowles 23 August 2016

Copenhagen Art Week: Jump on board.

Copenhagen is known for its excellent transport systems, but you’ll get more than you bargain for if you ride the rails in the coming days.

That’s because – from Thursday – more than 50 Danish cultural institutions are joining together to celebrate Copenhagen Art Week.

The capital will showcase creative art of all kinds, with many digital pieces cropping up in train stations and public spaces.

Whether you can get down or not, take a look at some of our favourite works…

Denmark’s digital stations

Copenhagen’s Digital Interactive Art Space (DIAS) is the first institution in Denmark to focus solely on digital arts.

This week it’s curated a special Urban Collection in the underpasses and stairwells of Vallensbæk S-train station.

One artist, Jesper Carlsen, will showcase Modern Times: an animated take on the Charlie Chaplin movie scene where he falls through the cogs of a machine.

Other artists in the DIAS collection include pop duo Jan Brand and Bianca Stich who will be displaying their feline-inspired installation Pastellpop.

This explores our perception of cats, from cute and kitsch, to demonic or divine. Not what you’d normally expect when you step down into the subway.

The DIAS collection will also include internationally renowned artists, like America’s Wayne Siegel.

His sound installation Drowning/Burning reacts to your movement to suddenly erupt in the waves of water or fire.

Away from the DIAS collection, in the busiest railway station in the country, you can find the incredible video work of Eva Koch.

Her beautiful red poppies unfold in Nørreport Station, and will be seen by up to 165,000 people a day.

Above ground, Charlotte Haslund-Christensen’s Hope and Fear will be projected in the streets at Kongens Nytorv.

Be moved as people are stopped in the street in 7 global cities and asked the same two questions: what is your biggest hope? What is your biggest fear?

Copenhagen Art Week, across Copenhagen, Denmark. Thursday 26 August – Sunday 4 September.