My Action Replay is Sky Sports for your local kickabout

By Oliver Smith 17 August 2016
My Action Replay co-founders Emily and Barnaby Kent.

Capturing your best sporting moments for the world to see.

There’s nothing better than heading to the park at the weekend for a kick around, but what if the world could see your amazing header?

Indeed there are hundreds of thousands of non-professional football teams, rugby teams and other sports being played across the country.

It’s fair to assume that some of the greatest athletes in Britain are yet to be discovered, and today are playing cricket, basketball or netball with friends at the local park.

When Barnaby Kent spent his summers at his local cricket club as a 15-year-old, he dreamed of having his wickets recorded, just like on TV, to record his successes and help him improve his game.

At just 15 Barnaby Kent built the first version of My Action Replay.

He even rigged up cameras and video cameras in his back garden to create such a system.

Today, some 20 years later, Kent and his team have built Sky Sports for the rest of us, and it’s called My Action Replay.

Meet My Action Replay

Head to Goals in Manchester or Ruislip today and you’ll find a big red button next to the goal posts, a button that can immortalise that penalty or header for the world to see. Hit it and the last 15 seconds of the match will be saved as a clip that can be watched after the game and posted to Facebook or Twitter.

And it’s not just football.

The Planet Ice ice rink in Milton Keynes, Redpoint Climbing Centre in Bristol, Somerset County Cricket Club and about a dozen other locations across the country all boast My Action Replay’s tech.

“We’ve created a smart system and camera that can be installed to view sports that are taking place and create edited replays for social media,” Emily Kent, Barnaby’s co-founder and My Action Replay’s head of business development, told The Memo.

My Action Replay even has an online editor which you can use to add slo-mo to your clip, or effects like highlighting the movement of the ball.

“At the more professional level groups like County Cricket Clubs are using it to boost their social media following by getting highlight clips out to their fans,” says Emily Kent.

Indeed a few weeks ago Somerset played Pakistan in a county cricket match and the footage was a huge hit among fans, viewed over 3m times.

Scouting the best

“At the high level of sport sponsorship and footage is all tied up, but there’s huge levels of sport beneath that which have amazing athletes playing, but they just don’t get the coverage,” says Kent.

Indeed My Action Replay has already seen scouts and sporting head hunters going through their footage on the lookout for the next sporting greats.

It could also soon be an important money-making opportunity for some smaller sports teams.

“Now we have lower level stadiums creating footage that can be sponsored and viewed by thousands or millions of people.”

So whether you’re a budding athlete or just going for a kickabout, make sure you get it recorded by My Action Replay.